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Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Emotional Awareness Personal Awareness

These four skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are important in the workplace. The skills are:
  • being aware of your emotions (personal awareness),
  • knowing how to manage your emotions (personal management),
  • being aware of another's emotions (socially aware, and
  • knowing how to manage relationships (relationship management).

In this blog, I will address the first of the four skills --
being aware of your emotions.

Remember a time when time when things were going well. You were happy. You expressed your emotions in a way that all wanted to share in your happiness. What about a time when you were mad? A time when you were biting the tops of soda cans and were eyeballing the water tower. Everybody was looking to get out of your way.

What is common to both events? Your physical responses. How you knew what was happening to you as the event was taking place. Think of a time when you were happy. What were your physical responses? Smiling, relaxed, enjoying all that was happening. Now, think of a time when you were mad. What were your physical responses? Clenching fists, face muscles tightening, rapid breathing, gritting your teeth, etc.

Our first step is improving our ability to recognize what is happening to us emotionally. As we improve this skill, we will be able to manage those emotions to have control to have better relationships and to continue improving our EQ.

Next, we will discuss personal management.

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