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Social Awareness

Social Awareness Word Picture

My last two blogs were about your personal competence - self-awareness and self- management of your emotions. Now let’s discuss the first component of the second competency – social competence.

What is social awareness? Is it knowing what to wear? Is it knowing the political protocol? Just what is social awareness? The short answer of social awareness is being aware of the emotions of other people.

Why do we care what others emotions are? When we are aware of the emotions of others we can better manage our response to them. When you sit in a meeting do you observe what is going on in the room? Do you see those subtle silent clues that are indicators which may have an impact on the outcome of the meeting? Sometimes the clues are not quiet silent or subtle but could be a deflection to send us in another direction.

Think about a recent meeting where you have been a participant. Close your eyes. Visualize the individuals present. What was happening with each one of them? Was one shifting uncomfortably in their seat or another dominating a conversation or another that was completely checked out mentally? Now that you have them visualized, how did their behaviors impact the outcome of the meeting?

The next blog will discuss the last skill of emotional intelligence - watch for this one to be posted soon.