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Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Relationship Management

The fourth and final skill is knowing how to manage your relationship with others. As you strengthen your personal awareness, personal management, and social awareness, you will be better prepared to improve the fourth skill relationship management.

Remember a time between you and another when you wished the outcome had been different. Think about the question you ask yourself, what could I have been done differently?î Take a moment and reflect on the following questions. Were you aware of their emotions? What was your response to their behavior? As they were exhibiting their emotions, what were your emotions? Were you angry? Did you feel that they had no right to go there? Did you grit your teeth, clench your fist or feel your heart pounding in your chest? Was your behavior mirroring their behavior?

Now think a recent event where you managed the situation to positive outcome. Again, ask yourself the earlier questions. What was different this time as compared to the time you wished had had a different outcome? You learned from the experience and managed the relationship differently. This is being aware. This is Relationship Management.

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