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Personal Management

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In the last blog we chatted about personal awareness. We discussed the various feeling that we experience when events and things are happening to us. We know all too well our anger emotions as well as our emotions of joy. Now, “What do we do with those emotions and feeling when we experience them?”
One would think emotions of joy could be expressed at anytime, right? Wrong. Many of us have had those emotions of joy and other happy thoughts where we learned the expression of our joy was not appropriate. Can you remember a time when this happened to you? Do you remember the outcome? Generally when this occurs you say to yourself, “I wished I had not said that or acted in that manner?” Such occasions are rare.

The flip side of the coin is when we let those emotions of anger, mistrust, and other such bed fellows take us to the dark side where we wished we had never gone. How do we stop from going to the dark side? Sometimes it happens in a twinkling of an eye while other times it takes a very small amount of time to move us to where we wish we had not gone.

First regardless of the emotion we must recognize the emotion and determine our behavior before we act on the emotion. The first key is recognizing the emotion. The second key is once you recognize the emotion deciding on which is the best course of action to take. That answer, your course of action will depend on how well you have thought the event out.

Combined personal awareness and personal management create Personal Competence, one of two workplace Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies. Our next blog will begin to explore the first skill of the second workplace Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competency – Social Competence.

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