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Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Personal Management

In my last blog I discussed being aware as the first of four Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills. In this blog, let us talk about the second skill knowing how to manage your emotions. Knowing how is a skill many already use. Think about a time when you realized that your emotions were in the way of communicating with another person. What did you do to regain your composure to have an effective conversation?

Did you count to ten? Did you step back and take a deep breath? On the other hand, you possibly ask for a short break in a conversation. To use these techniques first you had to be aware of your feeling. Once you acknowledged your feeling (being aware), you can begin to manage those feelings.

There are many skills one can learn to manage emotions. Managing emotions is not suppressing the emotion or being nice. It is about being aware of the emotions and expressing them appropriately to manage the conversation. As we improve our ability to recognize our emotions and how to manage those emotions effectively, we can begin to use some of the same skills to recognize emotions in others.

Watch for discussion of the third skill, social awareness.

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