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Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Social Awaremenss

The third skill of emotional intelligence is again being aware. Only, this time our awareness is more about the other individual and less about ourselves. It is important to be aware of the emotions another is exhibiting. Their emotions like ours are observable. Some individuals turn red in the face and veins on their necks pop out or the timber of their voice changes. Think about times when you were aware of the other's emotion. What did you see or hear?

In the third skill, you must be aware of the other's emotions as well as your own emotions. Think about a time when another individual was displaying an unacceptable behavior. Do you think they were aware of the emotions? What lead you to believe they were not aware of their emotions? What clues were they exhibiting that led to this belief?

In this third skill, the ability to recognize the others emotions and to recognize our emotions at the same time is important. Have you ever been caught up in the emotion of the moment only to regret it later? On the other hand, to wish you had responded appropriately in the moment.

As you become more skilled at being able to be aware of both sets of emotions will lead to last of the four-workplace skills - better relationships.

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