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Personal Awareness and EQ

EQI Image of Lincoln Sculpture
In my last blog I wrote there are four skills to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace. The first of those four is personal awareness. This is where outcomes begin. We must learn to read the signals our body gives off in different emotional situations that we experience.

For example, when we are happy our body tells us and everyone around us what is happening with us. Think about it. You are happy. Your eyes twinkle. You smile. You have lightness to your voice. You walk with a positive lilt. Everyone around you can see and feel your positive feeling. Most individuals will bask in those feelings with you. It is pleasant, even joyful to be around you.

Now think about the reverse of being happy. What happens when you are angry? Do you notice or recognize the first signs of becoming angry? Do you clinch your fist? Do you grit your teeth? Do you feel your heart rate increasing? What about your breathing? If you do not recognize these signs what happens? Do you slam doors as you leave the room? Do you shout or scream at the individual who is making you angry.

Now we have begun to identify positive and negative emotions, we will begin to explore self-management during our next blog.

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